Board Members & Mentor



I am the founder of Pretty With Purpose, Inc. Mentoring and Leadership Program for girls ages 12-19. I have a Bachelors in Pre-Law and the CEO of Whitebear Legal Service. This vision was instilled in me from the situations that I experienced throughout my life. I become pregnant at 15 and a mother at 16 years of age. I got kicked out and ran away from home multiple times as a teenager. I attend college with no direction and a tons of loans. As a whole we have collectively overcame experiences to give back to our young ladies, to encourage them to make better choices in life in wanting more for yourself. We are here to make a difference.


 RIKA BANKS (Vice President) 

Coach Rika Banks born and raised in Dallas, TX. Overcoming the obstacles of having a drug addicted mother, absentee father, teenage motherhood, and domestic violence has given me a greater outlook on life. I am determined to help others love themselves, as God has loved us, walk in to our royal inheritance to Live Royally. I am a life coach, speaker, author, CEO and founder of Royal Transformations. My purpose and passion in life is to help others live pass their past and ensure a greater future by helping them learn the tools God has given us to live royally.

We are committed as a team to make sure our community of girls have all the resources needed to be successful young ladies.


Shakti Bynes (Mentor Assistant) 

.Irene Essien (12-13yrs Mentor)

Nisha Jones (14-15yrs Mentor)

Ayanna Whitebear (16-17yrs Mentor)

Rika Banks (18-19yrs Mentor)