Influencing Girls & Developing Leaders

Pretty With Purpose Inc


Pretty With Purpose Inc. is a Mentoring & Leadership Program for girls ages 12-19 yrs old.


Pretty With Purpose is a mentoring and leadership program designed for young ladies Ages 12-19, with embracing their confidence with loving themselves first. Empowering and valuing sisterhood. Provides spiritual guidance and practicing purity. Discovering their passion and fulfilling their purpose. 



Pretty With Purpose vision is to help young ladies find their purpose in life and understand who they want to become. Encourage young ladies  to have ambition and stay on track with their goals. Embrace their confidence and blossoming into their full potential and performing high morals as a young classy young ladies.





Pretty With Purpose teaches our girls the importance of being a leader and not a follower. Having enough self-confidence of knowing who you are and working on towards who you want to become. 


— Sisterhood

Pretty With Purpose teaches the importance of sisterhood and loving one another unconditionally. Understand the importance of communication and understanding everyone is entitled to how they feel.  


— Community Service

Pretty With Purpose teaches our girls the importance of giving back and understanding that it is always someone out there going through something worse then you. No matter what your PURPOSE is it’s always to SERVE.


— College/Career Prep

Pretty With Purpose has a strict curriculum and deadlines when all documents should be completed such as FASFA, Resume & Portfolios, Scholarships and Grant etc. Understanding that not everyone wants to attend college but get straight into their career. 


— Financial Literacy

Pretty With Purpose teaches our girls the importance of financial literacy. Teaches them tactics and life long skills to last them for a life-time. We educate our girls with the foundation of money and credit. 


— High Moral & Ethical Standards

Pretty With Purpose teaches our girls to so much confidence within themselves that their standards are so high. We teach them that no matter what they do always but God first. it is important that they not only represent us but themselves when no on his watching. 


Ms. Ayanna has been such an inspiration to my. She has helped me at the times I have felt so low. I can always call her whenever I need her no matter what time of the day or night it is. 


I used to get bullied at school and have no self esteem. My Mentor really helped me with taking steps and challenges on building my confidence back up, which I am still learning but I am so further from where I was before I started this program. 




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